Buddhism about compassion for all: Lim Siow Jin

Buddhism about compassion for all: Lim Siow Jin

The key component of Buddhism is non-differentiation in compassion for the good and the bad people, Malaysian Buddhist scholar Dr Lim Siow Jim said here on Sunday.

Delivering the Acharya Nagarjuna lecture series ‘Power of Lotus Sutra for the Social Transformation’ organised by Buddhavanam Project, Dr Lim Siow Jim focused on the Lotus Sutra school of thought in Buddhism, an ideology he said he has been practising for more than 30 years.

He underlined that the Buddhist individuals who take to violence over religious or political issues were not Buddhist, since they defy the core Buddhist principle of non-violence.

“In Lotus Sutra, we do not decide who is a Buddhist based on their meditation or temples. For us, only those who are practising the core values of Buddhism actively are Buddhists. I have a Muslim manager for my business who is as Buddhist as I am, because he practices the five core principles of Buddhism in following Islam,” he said.

The scholar also asserted that there are powerful individuals in the Buddhist community who aim to fragment the society and are looking towards India too. “You must not let them hijack Buddhism in India. You must stick to the compassionate and selfless Buddhism of Acharya Nagarjuna, the great Madhyamika philosopher and Buddhist scholar,” said Jim.

Mallepalli Laxmaiah, Special Officer, Buddhavanam Project in his address said, “Telangana has the distinction of having embraced Buddhism in the lifetime of The Buddha, while other regions of the country found Buddhism only under Emperor Asoka’s reign. The State has a rich traditional and historical connect with Buddhism. The Buddhavanam Project is developing a grand Buddhist Theme Park over 274 acres at Nagarjunasagar, and it will be a first of its kind spectacle”.

For Full Lecture : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MlNu9wMkFY

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