Candle Light Protest on Brutal Caste Murder of Dalit Boy Pranay in Miryalaguda

Candle Light Protest on Brutal Caste Murder of Dalit Boy Pranay in Miryalaguda


A fervent appeal to the people in the wake of the ghastly murder in Miryalaguda

We, the undersigned, appeal to the people not to resort to violence when children dare to marry intercaste. The caste system has been a bane which has been preventing greater emotional integration among the people. Telugus have been nurtured for decades by leaders of various hues in rational and secular thinking. A young man, Pranay, was brutally murdered in Miryalaguda recently just because he was a Dalit and he dared to marry a Vysya girl, Amrutha. Both Pranay and Amruta were in love with each other from their school days and got married after they became majors. Their decision should have been accepted and welcomed as it was another step towards building a casteless society. Instead, the girl’s father apparantly hatched a conspiracy and got Pranay killed. This kind of inhuman, criminal and savage mindset is uncommon in this part of the country. We hope this would be the last such dastardly act. The guilty have to be given exemplary punishment so that none would think of indulging in ‘so called’ honour killing.

We urge upon the parents to respect the wishes of their children and protect the rights given to them by the Constitution which treats all the citizens equally irrespective of their caste,religion, gender,language,creed and place of birth. Let us join hands to work vigorously in building a better and casteless society where there would be no discrimination on account of caste and religion.

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