Round Table Meeting on Brutal Killing of Dalit Boy Pranay in Miryalaguda, Telangana.

Round Table Meeting on Brutal Killing of Dalit Boy Pranay in Miryalaguda, Telangana.

Deathless Romance: Love in the caste epidemic

The love story of Amrutha and Pranay ended sadly and violently. Pranay was hacked to death in the broad day light by a mercenary hired by Amrutha’s father, Maroth Rao. Every human being seeks love because the human life becomes worth with attaining love supreme. Love is what we live for and what some of us die for. Though romantic love is one of the many levels of love we seek, socially it is very significant in the country like India where every thing is controlled and tainted by the caste.

If we read about the love story of Amrutha and Pranay, we cannot but appreciate longing to belong to each other of the lovers. Amrutha left behind everything and Pranay put his life in the line of fire. Looking at the position of Marothi, whose wealth is estimated at 600 crores, Pranay surely had the idea of what could possibly happen to him.

Their love was caught in the intricate network of mafia, petty criminals, local politics, and above all caste hatred. The only crime Pranay committed was to fall in love with someone out of his caste. By any standard, Pranay was sort of a sought after man. He was educated. He was handsome. And he was fearless. But the caste prejudice is so deep in the Indian consciousness that it doesn’t let casteist Hindus to treat others as humans and equal to them. For a caste Hindu, the other can be either higher or lower to them. The other cannot be equal.

Though Pranay had a higher moral and educational background than Maruthi, for Maruthi, Pranay was not also a human being. For casteist Maruthi, Pranay was less than a human being, that is the reason he had that animal heart to kill him like the animals are butchered. This is what the caste does, it makes people butchers. It makes fathers kill their own daughters and their adorable lovers.

This madness of Manu that makes caste Hindus go insane and inhuman must be eradicated and destroyed completely. How long the caste Hindus go on killing rampage? No force on the earth can kill all the Dalits and if the Dalits decide to reawaken the spirit of Siddhanag, the caste Hindus will have no where to go. The sooner the caste Hindus understand the changing power dynamics in india, the better will be for them and others. Of late, the Dalits throughout India are mobilizing and they are marching together. If they physically march on the casteist breed of Maruthi raos, they will be purged forever. They should be grateful to Babasaheb for choosing the path of peace, else this country would have turned into river of blood.

By : Mangesh Dahiwale, Buddhist Scholor.

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