About CDS

Centre for Dalit Studies (CDS) was established in 1999 as a non-profit organization with a mission to create awareness on social, political and economic rights of Dalit communities and to build their skills and capacities as a way of overcoming social and economic obstacles and deprivation. CDS has been striving for social, economic and political empowerment of Dalit communities for the past 15 years through various strategies including seminars, workshops, meetings, documentary films, media sensitization, training, capacity building, advocacy and lobbying.


The vision is to emancipate dalits from poverty, inequality, deprivation and marginalization.


The mission is to empower dalits in social, political, and economic spheres with an emphasis on building an “inclusive society” by ensuring equal rights and entitlements to marginalized social groups.


  • Protect and promote civil and human rights.
  • Empower dalit elected representatives, women groups, youth and activists.
  • Organize capacity building, awareness and skill development programmes for dalit women, youth groups and elected representatives.
  • Collaborate with policy makers, political parties and other stakeholders for introduction of policies, laws and programmes to promote economic development and social justice.
  • Study socio-economic challenges faced by dalits in the context of globalization and privatization.
  • Identify the needs of dalit communities and encourage dalit people‟s involvement and participation in developmental programmes.
  • Critically evaluate the impact of welfare schemes and developmental programmes implemented by the government and non-governmental organizations for the upliftment of dalit communities.