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Empowerment of Dalits

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What we believe

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The mission is to empower dalits in social, political, and economic spheres with an emphasis on building an “inclusive society” by ensuring equal rights and entitlements to marginalized social groups.

Kerala Flood Relief Fund

Kerala is experiencing Severe flood and land slide due to devastating monsoon. Ten district were hit by the heavy rain. More than 100000 people were shifted to relief camps. 450 were killed and thousands of people lost their houses and dsplaced. Dalits are the most affected as they are living in poorly constructed houses and living much closer to the dangerously bloated water bodies. The rising water level in dams and opening of dam gates were further worsening the situation.The state government is providing assistance to people sheltered in relief camps.

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To eliminate discrimination based on untouchability practices

To ensure equality of status and opportunities for all

To ensure the rule of law

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Well educated, intellectual people, especially scientists at all times demonstrate considerably smaller adherence to religiosity than others.

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