Kerala Flood Relief

Kerala is experiencing Severe flood and land slide due to devastating monsoon. Ten district were hit by the heavy rain. More than 100000 people were shifted to relief camps. 450 were killed and thousands of people lost their houses and dsplaced. Dalits are the most affected as they are living in poorly constructed houses and living much closer to the dangerously bloated water bodies. The rising water level in dams and opening of dam gates were further worsening the situation.The state government is providing assistance to people sheltered in relief camps.However this is not sufficient to meet the current situation of people who are isolated in remote villages and colonies.The flood triggered by heavy rain and onrush of water from dam gates made significant damage to roads transport system and telecommunication.It further isolated the villages with limited access to affected areas . In many places flood victims have to wait for hours for rescue operations without drinking  water, food  and electricity. Dalits and adivasis  makeups the lion share of those affected by the flood. Their houses and belongings  were  washed away as they were live in poorly constructed houses in colonies. The adivasis were unreachable by road due to land slide. Now dalits and adivasis are facing scarcity of food in isolated areas.we need to provide  life saving support to our people in the form of food , clothes  ,blankets etc .I request to you all to contribute to overcome this miserable situation.

Relief Discrimination: The nature cannot wipe out caste lines

In Kerala, the Dalits are discriminated during the relief work. During the natural disasters, the humanity becomes helpless and many hands come to rescue the affected people. It is heartening to see the response of so many people appealing to contribute to relief work in Kerala aftermath massive flood that caused loss of life, limbs, and resources. While the humanitarian spirit is evoked, it is also sad to see that people are discriminated during the relief work. It exposes divisions within the communities so deep that even the nature cannot wipe the caste lines of discrimination.

First of all, it must be noted there is an antagonism against the Dalits. The sources of which is very difficult to locate, but it comes from the religious notion that some people are born low. Secondly, the relief agencies including the government officials are from the non-Dalit background and it was found that the officials favoured their own caste during the relief work in the previous calamities.

The amount of discrimination aggravates during the natural calamities as the Dalits and now increasingly minorities have been discriminated during the relief work. Caste is a strange animal to describe as it has been reported from Kerala that the Christians are also discriminating the Dalits in the relief work. Whatever religion, society, community, and institution that exists in India gets ultimately stained by the caste virus.

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